the original touring vehicle of gettypeds! we introduced the scoot coupes to gettysburg in 2011 and haven't looked back since. the scoot coupes are basically a three wheel scooter operated by handlebar controls and powered by a 50cc scooter engine. they are open air and seat two people. each tour is two and a half hours in length and covers all three days of the battle in sequence. 
price: $139.95/scoot coupe
includes two passengers. 
note: scoot coupe weight limit is 425 lbs per coupe and 240 lbs per side. no exceptions. we recommend guests with back or knee complications chose an electric vehicle tour due to the low entry point of the scoot coupes.
note: driver must be 18 with a valid drivers license. 

GettyPeds LLC

71 buford Ave

Gettysburg, pa 17325


We have moved to a new location in order to accommodate our growing fleet!



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hours: 11am to 5pm


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